Airband Pure With The Maycom AR-108 Radio Scanner.

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Simply in a class of it's own, the Maycom AR-108 micro radio is really a must have for any civil airband enthusiast. In fact it's consistently one of the best selling airband radios since years now.

The AR 180 is really no fluff stuff with only civil airband and weather channels available. And it's just so easy to use. Switch on and press the scan button to get all the airliner to control tower chat. With very fast and sensitive scanning you will not miss any of the action.

This unique radio is currently available at Amazon for a great discount price through this link.

Here's the essentials that a good airband scanner needs and that the Maycom 108 has.
  • Full civil airband coverage plus NOAA weather channels.
  • Automatic and programmable scanning capabilities.
  • Scanner has dual watch feature to monitor preferred channel at all times.
  • Lightweight and robust.
  • Squelch control to reduce background interference.
  • LCD display with back lighting.
  • 99 memory channels.
  • Earbuds, wrist strap, belt clip and antenna provided.
  • Key locking against accidental pressing.
  • Long battery life (2 AA batteries).
  • Fast search speed and high sensitivity.
  • Currently available at Amazon with 23% off through this link.
If you're at all interested in airband you can not go wrong purchasing this model, it will not let you down. And at current prices this is a real bargain that will bring you many years of entertainment.

Here's what one enthusiastic owner has to say about it.

Bobby S. - Texas

" I've had the Maycom 108 about a week now and find it wonderful. If, like me, you find scanner programming difficult then this radio is highly recommended. It will scan the civil airband at the touch of a button. It gets constant traffic from the local airport some 40 miles away. It works just great - I love it!

Review paraphrased for brevity - you can read the full original right here.

All in all, this product is simply amazing. If you're not yet hooked on airband listening this radio may change your point of view. Highly recommended!

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